Handyman Spray Lube

Nulon Handyman Spray Lube is perfect for thousands of uses. You will be amazed at how well it works - we guarantee it. In developing this product we searched far and wide to bring together the best technology and components in order to provide consumers with a product that will outperform the myriad of other products in its class.

There are literally hundreds of competitive products in the market-place. Some are excellent in some applications, but perform poorly in others. Some are of little value at all kerosene would work almost as well. Nulon Handyman Spray Lube shines in all areas of performance. Compare it for yourself.

The words "multi-purpose" do not do this product justice. Its applications are only limited by the imagination of the user. The addition of low friction lubricant additives ensures that Handyman Spray Lube provides optimum lubricating qualities. Light grade solvents with surfactants (wetting agents) ensure its penetrating abilities. Super-effective corrosion inhibitors provide maximum rust and corrosion protection. High-quality surfactants make it easy work for Handyman Spray Lube to displace water.

Part numbers:

Art. Nr. NUL400

Nulon art. 23210

6 cans per pack

400g aerosol