Lifter-Free and Tune-Up

Nulon Lifter Free & Tune-Up quietens lifters that are noisy during the first few minutes after start-up or during normal driving. The advanced cleaning formula safely softens and removes carbon and sludge deposits which are the major cause of noisy lifters.


Hydraulic lifter noise can be caused by several different factors

  • Carbon particles blocking lifters
  • Sludge, wax or varnish deposits causing sticky/noisy lifters
  • The use of incorrect engine oil viscosity
  • Mechanical damage to camshaft or lifter
  • Broken parts within the lifter, e.g. relief valve springs

    Nulon Lifter Free & Tune-Up can be used to correct causes 1 and 2 above. It can also be used as a diagnostic tool. If a lifter is still noisy 14 days or 500 km after using this product, it can be assumed that previous mechanical damage has caused the lifter noise.

    The lifters should be removed and inspected or replaced.

Part numbers:

Art. Nr. LFTU

Nulon art. 23113

6 per carton

300 ml bottle