E20 Engine Treatment

Nulon E20 Engine Treatment protects engines against cold-start wear and during everyday stop-start driving. Even in the most severe conditions such as towing, carrying loads and in competition, E20 protects against engine wear.

Nulon E20 Engine Treatment with P.T.F.E.is suitable for all modern, hi-tech and performance engines, including muti-valve, turbo-charged and race engines.

Nulon E20 may be used with any type of engine oil, including synthetic and is safe for use in all petrol and LPG engines. To retain the impregnated residual coating of PTFE on all friction surfaces it is important to treat the engine with E20 at each oil change.  

Part numbers:

Art. Nr. E20

Nulon art. 23020

6 per carton

300 ml bottle