Ultra Cool

Nulon Ultra Cool Anti-Corrosion Radiator Coolant (R45) is formulated to provide maximum rust and corrosion protection for your engine's cooling system. It will keep your radiator and cooling system clean and free from corrosion, electrolysis, rust and scale build-up. Nulon Ultra Cool protects aluminium, copper, cast iron, brass and solder, and extends the life of all cooling system components.

Suits pre-1984 cooling system requirements

NOT suitable where anti-freeze/anti-boil coolant is specified. Use Nulon Long Life Concentrated Coolant (LL) for anti-freeze/anti-boil protection.

Nulon Ultra Cool (R45) contains corrosion inhibitors and is designed to provide maximum heat transfer in cooling systems where anti-freeze/anti-boil (glycol) is not specified. Heat transfer in the cooling system is done predominantly by water which has an excellent heat transfer coefficient. Glycol has the ability to extend the operating temperature range of a coolant, however it has a higher heat transfer coefficient than that of water. This is the main reason why non-glycol based coolants transfer heat much more efficiently than glycol based coolants.

In motor sport applications, Nulon Ultra Cool (R45) is a suitable alternate to glycol based coolant. Glycol is very slippery and is difficult to remove from the race track surfaces, which poses risks to other drivers on the track.

The use of tap water is not recommended for automotive cooling systems. Chlorine is usually added to tap water in order to kill bacteria and make it safe for drinking. However chlorine is found to be corrosive in cooling systems. Tap water also contains minerals that can cause scaling when used in a cooling system. Use suitable demineralised water for use with R45.

Where a vehicle manufacturer particularly specifies the use of anti-freeze/anti-boil coolant with glycol it is essential to use it as some engines suffer from localised "hot spot" boiling and require a glycol coolant.

Part numbers:

Art. Nr. R45

Nulon art. 23045

6 per carton

500 ml bottle

Art. Nr. R45-1

Nulon art. ------

6 per carton

1 ltire bottle

Art. Nr. R45-20

Nulon art. ------

Single unit

20 litre drum