Long Life Concentrated Coolant

Nulon Long Life Concentrated Coolant offers long-term cooling system protection for all motor vehicles. Nulon Long Life Coolant is based on Hybrid Additive Technology (HAT), which is a blend of organic and inorganic additives. The advantage of this product over conventional ethylene glycol type coolants is that the corrosion-inhibiting package has minimal depletion over an extended period of time. This means that maximum corrosion and anti-freeze/anti-boil protection are maintained until the fluid is replaced at the recommended 350,000 kilometres or 5 years (whichever comes first).

Nulon LL Concentrated Coolant is to be used at 33% to 50% by volume in soft or demineralised water. Nulon Long Life Coolant protects for 5 years or 350,000km and is safe to use in all Commodores and Ford Falcons (including all V series Commodores and AU to BF Falcons).

Nulon Long Life Coolant is a low silicate formulation containing no nitrite, phosphate or amine. These chemicals are often used in conventional coolants and have limitations in performance, protection afforded, and vehicles to which they are suited. Nulon Long Life Coolant is guaranteed suitable for use in all vehicles where the manufacturer specifies anti-boil/anti-freeze coolant.

Nulon Long Life Coolant meets the specified requirement (HN2217) of General Motors Holden for use in all Australian manufactured four-cylinder vehicles. HN2217 is the specification recommended by GMH for all warranty servicing of Australian built and imported (Opel) four cylinder vehicles.

Nulon Long Life Coolant's formulation is approved by Ford Australia (ESE-M97B44-A specification) for initial fill in all Australian manufactured 6 and 8 cylinder vehicles. This specification is recommended by Ford for all in-warranty and post-warranty servicing of Ford vehicles where a glycol based coolant is required.

Part numbers:

Art. Nr. LL5

Nulon art. 23122

3 per carton

5 litres

Art. Nr. LL1

Nulon art. 23120

12 per carton

1 litre bottles

Art. Nr. LL2.5

Nulon art. 23121

6 per carton

2.5 litre bottles

Art. Nr. LL20

Nulon art. ------

Single unit

20 litre drum